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Free SEO Report is a cloud based SaaS providing a white label free SEO report tool that gives you critical data to make immediate improvements in both your on-page and off-page SEO. With our core users being agencies, our SEO agency software is powerful but easy enough that anyone can use it, from web masters to business owners. By upgrading from a free account you are joining a group of smart professionals who are passionate about improving their optimization and SEO company software. We make it fast, easy and inexpensive to know what’s wrong, what’s right and how to fix what’s broken. You can also perform competitor analysis reports to see what your competition is doing right & wrong.

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Agencies use the embed tool to give your site visitors Free SEO Reports and get more leads

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Easy integration with Mailchimp allows you to follow up with your leads.

Basecamp & Mavenlink integration allows you to create one click To Do Lists with all your issues, saving you time and making communication with your team fast and easy.

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Businesses use Free SEO Report to analyze your site and compare it to the competition

We very much want you to succeed at life and business. Thus we give you Free SEO Report. Help us improve the white label free seo report software, expand it’s reach and grow the benefits we can offer you by upgrading today and we promise we’ll do the best we can at helping you improve your sites optimization.

The History of Free SEO Report

In May 2005 I started an SEO agency, little did I know the whirlwind I was embarking on. After nearly 10 years of juggling (a.k.a “managing”) a remote team and clients I’d never meet I realized that my business was broken. While we could do really great SEO work, the vast majority of clients didn’t appreciate the countless hours and thousands of details that need to be worked on to provide a truly great all around web experience.

When some of the SEO industries heavy weights started decamping from the consulting industry and focusing on software I should have paid closer attention as I would have saved a few years and gotten a head start towards building Free SEO Report. Better late than never they say; it seems to be pretty accurate in this case.

In late 2013 I purchased the domain FreeSEOReport.com The site you’re seeing today is 100% different than the one I purchased, which was broken and losing clients hand over fist, just about the only thing that remains the same today is the name (FreeSEOReport.com) everything else is absolutely new.

With 10 years experience I’ve developed a knack for bringing together a great team.

The 8 team members working to bring this project together range from developers to quality assurance professionals. I work hard to make working at Free SEO Report fun, enjoyable, intellectually fulfilling, and a lifelong career for those who wish to grow with us. We will continue working to improve Free SEO Report and if you have suggestions please let us know.

We have plenty in store for the upcoming year. From supporting new languages to adding powerful features you’ll get updates via email if you’ve ever gotten a Free SEO Report from us before. We have some really great things in store for the freelancing community. Whether you're a designer, SEO or programmer, we’re going to help you grow your business. Just wait and see.