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Free vs Premium Upgrade

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Tech Talk

Why are my Social Media stats not 100% accurate?

Sometimes Free SEO Report is unable to locate your social media accounts for various reasons. In these cases results may appear as 0 when in fact you have shares, tweets and +1's.

How often is my report information updated?

Since we handle large quantities of data, some info is cached to speed up our website. If you wish to get an updated analysis of your site, please submit a request for a report using the Free SEO Report tool and we will re-scan your site.

If you feel your information is not update properly, contact us.

Are my website reviews indexed?

No reports for paid accounts are indexed.

Free report reviews are indexed. This lets users see their report in the future. If another review is run for the same site, the report will be updated at the static link created for the first review so the information can be updated.

Can I use Free SEO Report on my PC or Mac?

Yes, you can use the site on any PC, Mac, iPad and also on Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari.

Payments & Cancellation

Do you charge VAT?


My payment didn’t go through, what happened?

Usually there are only a few reasons this happens. Check the following information is correct:

Additionally verify your card has not reached it’s credit limit.

Am I getting into a long term contract?

No. Cancel anytime, no questions asked. Your account will be stopped in the next billing cycle.

How do I cancel?

Just downgrade to the Free Plan. You can also email us to support [at]

Getting Started

How does the 100% Money Back Guarantee Work

Try any upgraded plan and if you're not happy in the first 30 days, just hit the cancel button in your My Account section or downgrade to the free plan. You can also contact us via email to support [at] freeseoreport [.com], no explanation needed, just send an email with the subject line Cancel and make sure to include your name and the email used to setup your account.

What’s White Label PDF?

Whether you're an agency using the embed code or a business owner using the Free SEO Report tool on our homepage, you can download a PDF of your report and instead of it having our logo, you can brand the report with your company logo! There won’t be any mention of

There is also the ability to customize the introduction and signature/footer of your reports. Normally you would use it add your tagline or contact information.

What currency can I use?

Our prices are listed in US dollars but we accept payment from around the world.


What languages are you in?

Currently we offer reports in English. We will be adding Spanish, French, German & Italian.

What do the Upgraded plans of FreeSEOReport offer compared to the Free?

You can see a detailed list of what each plan offers at our pricing page. In short different plans offer different benefits. If you’re an agency you’ll definitely want the plan with the embed code so you can get more leads. If you're a webmaster/business owner you won’t need the embed code so you can select a plan that offers just what you need.

Do you make changes on my site?

We make suggestions but the actual changes on your site. We also make it easy for you to email a list of all the tasks/changes the reports finds to your programmer, designer, marketer or webmaster. By getting these changes done you’ll find that your site will be better optimized and your traffic should react accordingly.

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How does the embed tool work?

If you want to get more leads on your site, you can offer Free SEO Reports to your visitors in exchange for their name, email, and/or phone. Side note: We find that asking for a phone number reduces the number of leads you’ll get.

Simply embed the code we generate for you on any page you want to offer Free SEO Report. You can find it in your My Account > Embed section.

You can also email the code to your webmaster or developer directly from your My Account > Embed section.

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